Powerful and real-time insight into all facets of your business.

Analyze your business from any angle

Track everything. MyTime offers over 40 reports, allowing you to evaluate your profitability from every aspect. Get instant insight into key performance indicators like productivity, revenue and utilization.

Customize your reports. Track the overall business and then filter reports by location, by service, by staff member, and by date range to collect any data that you need.

Know revenue instantly

Multi-location analysis. Dig deep inside each of your locations to understand which services, staff, times and booking channels are driving the most revenue. Then, compare across locations to uncover trends, identify top performers, and determine which locations need improvement.

Uncover your VIP clients: Get a clear picture of how clients are spending with you, how often they are coming in, and which clients are your top referrers. You can also identify lapsed clients and reach out to bring them back to your business.

Optimize calendar utilization.
 Understand what days are likely to be your slowest and then identify the pricing trends and campaigns that successfully fill these open slots.

Take the stress out of accounting & payroll

Automatically calculate compensation. MyTime works with your unique compensation plan to generate the payroll reports you need. Set up a payment structure to support hourly workers, percent of services, and tiered commissions and easily manage discounts, tips and backbar fees.

Run individual staff reports. Tracks your staff’s hours, services provided, and inventory sold. Drill down on any piece of information to determine exactly how each staff member drives their revenue.

Simplify your accounting. Run end-of-year sales tax reports for each of your locations and easily export to Excel for accounting use.

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