Connect with your customers anywhere, anytime.

Reduce no-shows by up to 85%

Send automated text confirmations & reminders. Make sure appointments aren’t missed. Set triggers based on key events such as upcoming appointments, last-minute sales, or being overdue for an appointment.

Get an immediate response. Clients can respond right from within the text or email they receive. Reminders include short links so clients can reschedule on the spot from their phone or desktop.

Create an audit trail: All messages are saved to the client record. Check past messages to see if they were responded to, blocked or bounced.

Effortless communication with your clients

Real-time messaging. Engage with clients without having to share private mobile numbers. Exchange texts, including pictures, to provide an exceptional experience.

Never miss a message. Texts from customers appear right from within the scheduling module you use every day and can be accessed from your phone, from the Web, or from the MyTime app. Turn on notifications so you reply in a timely manner.

Make it location-specific. For multi-unit chains and franchises, messaging can be set up on a location basis, so that texts are received only by the local business they were intended for.

Know client preferences in an instant

Personalize the customer experience. The full message history is saved to the client record along with past bookings, purchases, and staff notes, giving you the information you need to provide exceptional service.

Use their preferred communication channel. Know at a glance how your clients prefer to be contacted: phone, email or text.

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