Client Management

Store and track the vital information that allows you to optimize revenue from each client.

Serve your clients better

Instant customer profiles. Easily upload a CSV of your existing customer information into MyTime. New client profiles are automatically created when clients book or checkout using point of sale.

Waivers & intake forms. Fully customizable, waivers and intake forms can be completed as part of the online booking process, signed on-screen, and saved to the client record to make check-ins a breeze.

Custom labels. Use these fully customize labels to help classify and organize your clients. You can filter by label and use that information for custom reporting or marketing campaigns.

Track your clients automatically

Benefit from a full client history. All appointments, purchases, package & membership redemptions, and reviews are stored in the client record as they are created. MyTime also tracks every text message and email exchanged with clients.

Track campaign success. Check on the success of campaigns by tracking opens, click-through rates, and bookings by client and make adjustments to improve results. (learn more about retention marketing)

Control what your staff sees. MyTime gives you the ability to set access controls at a granular level so that staff have access and visibility to only their client’s records. (learn more about staff management)

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Information at your fingertips. Full client records, including client notes, are easily accessible from any device so that you know client preferences instantly.

Create a truly personalized service. Create customer prices and customer durations for individual clients to reward loyalty and/or meet their unique needs.

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