Top 3 Tech Innovations to Scale Your Franchise

July 6, 2022

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Many factors influence a franchise’s success. Mission-driven leadership and customer-centric strategy can help you bring a thriving brand to market, but scalability will ultimately determine the sustainability of your locations. 

Franchise brands often have a very similar workflow, but top-performing franchises share three common factors that drive better experiences. MyTime Founder & CEO Ethan Anderson details how service-based businesses can use these growth strategies best and which innovative technologies can help implement them at scale.

Use omnichannel strategy to drive customer engagement

Consumers use many channels to find, book, and pay for products and services. They also expect to communicate across these channels, connecting via push notifications, text messages, email, call centers, 2-way chatbots, your website, and your mobile app. Omnichannel solutions allow your customers to book services through multiple channels, and creating a unified view of their interactions online and offline is key to driving more personalized service.

Balance central control with local autonomy

Consumers want to access brand-wide programs and benefits across locations, and they enjoy local offerings that make the experience feel less “corporate.” While the level of central control franchisors maintain over franchisees varies for every organization—and there’s a unique balance for every brand—we’ve found three principles that correlate with faster franchise growth and high customer satisfaction:

  • Global client records across all franchisees
  • Global gift cards, memberships, and packages
  • Hybrid offerings of global and local services, products, and promotions

Having the flexibility to support different levels of central versus delegated access controls to franchise owners and their staff enables central management and seamless brand experiences, important elements to scaling your franchise.

Leverage global data to optimize operations and deliver personalized service

A single global database empowers better reporting and more actionable analysis. 

The value behind a centralized management system comes from the deep insight you can gain by combining client, service, and product information across all of your business locations.

Modern systems apply machine learning and AI to extract valuable information from aggregated transactions, service records, and customer interactions so that you can take action to improve operations and provide more personalized service. Central data also allows you to benchmark locations, illuminating performance and providing insights that can accelerate the growth of your entire organization.

An agile, cloud-based software platform allows you to experiment, learn, and quickly implement changes across your locations to scale your franchise and deliver a unified customer experience. 

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