5 Automated Marketing Campaigns to Jumpstart Your Small Business

April 20, 2016

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Your business is built on great service. But while you’re taking care of clients that come through your door, you’re missing the opportunity to get repeat business from your roster of satisfied customers. You have access to information about the needs and habits of those customers. You can use that handy info to target them through a specific marketing campaign — and it’s quick and easy to get started.

1. Appointment Reminders and Follow-Ups

Follow a cycle around client appointments. Send a reminder 24 hours before to confirm their time. If there’s a cancellation, send a message to everyone with an existing appointment. If someone cancels tomorrow’s haircut, send a note to everyone already booked in to come over the next week to see if they want the slot.

Your business probably recommends a set amount of time between appointments: a monthly pet grooming or a regular visit to the chiropractor. Send an automatic message when a client is due to come and see you. Many won’t realize the time has passed and will take the initiative to book.

2. Online Review Requests

Within three days of the appointment, send a thank-you note and ask your customer to review your business online. Sites like Yelp are an increasingly vital part of small business marketing, not only for earning trust in the local community but for search engine result ranking as well. Even if your customers don’t take the time to review, the additional contact can elevate the customer’s appreciation for your company.

3. Birthday Promotions

Know your client’s birthday. You don’t have to write down the year — just the month and day will do. When their special day comes up on the calendar, send a message offering a reduced service rate or a free add-on. You can run the promotion month-by-month so clients have four weeks to take advantage of the offer.

4. Add-On Services

You have a website that lists all of your services. Every client won’t take advantage of every service their first visit, so send them a note to tell them what else you have on offer. If you’re a grooming service, you might have an association with a dog walker. Encourage your existing clients to check out your website to see the details of everything you do.

5. Sales For Specific Types of Clients

It is important to personalize your marketing as much as possible to pique your clients’ interests. Rotate specials for different types of clients. If you’re a pet spa, February could be the month you give free nail trims to chihuahuas. Send an email with the details to all the chihuahua guardians on your list. March could be “Love Your Seniors” month when you offer a 25 percent discount to pups over the age of 10 years. Clients who might not otherwise come in for a groom might consider with the added incentive that’s relevant to their pet.

Since your customers have many options, it is important to remind them they are valued. You can use some simple automated marketing solutions to reach out via email or text to encourage repeat business. It’s not only easy to get the word out — it takes minimal effort to make your messages personal and relevant to your clients. You can see big returns for your business.

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