New Year’s Resolution: Leave no appointment time unfilled!

January 3, 2016

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Here at MyTime, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to make it easier for businesses to fill all their open appointment times.

What’s the cost of an unfilled time slot? Let’s say you have an average of 10 appointments per day, $50 per appointment and 20% of your time slots go unfilled due to last minute cancellations or unpopular times:


 10 appointments/day X 6 days/week = 60 appointments/week
 60 appointments/week X 52 weeks/year = 3120 appointments/year
 3120 appointments/year X $50/appointment = $156,000/year
 $156,000/year X 20% unfilled appointments = $31,200/year in unfilled appointments


Over the course of the year, you would lose an average of $31,200 due to unfilled appointments! And this doesn’t include employee salaries, rent, utilities, taxes, and insurance that you’re incurring while sitting idle. Unfilled appointments leave you and your staff with gaps in you workday as well as in your finances.


MyTime just launched a feature called Last-Minute Sales to combat this silent business killer. It’s a powerful tool to discount the times you absolutely must fill and selectively share the sale with your clients via email, social media, and even push notification to their phones.


Here’s what you need to know about Last-Minute Sales:

  • Set Up in 30 Seconds Easily select times right from Scheduler to discount. Include only the staff, services, and times you want on sale. 
  • Easily Notify Your Clients Quickly promote the sale to all your clients, or a targeted segment, via email and push notification. 
  • Only On MyTime – This unique feature integrated directly with MyTime’s off-peak pricing infrastructure and is not available on other calendar systems. 

How it works:

Step 1: Click “Sale” from the Schedule tab.



Step 2: You will see a red highlight when you hover over the calendar. This makes it easy to select an open time to put on sale.



Step 3: Select a time on the calendar and a modal appears to configure and customize the sale.



Step 4 (Optional): You can notify your clients about the sale! Share the sale with your clients via email and push notification to their phones!



Via Email/Push notification:



Congratulations! Your clients can now book a last-minute sale time directly on your MyTime profile on a first-come, first-served basis!



Last-Minute Sales is included with MyTime’s Marketing & Premium plans. Have questions about using MyTime last-minute sales? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team if you have any questions, comments or concerns:

  • By email:
  • By phone: (888) 423-1944

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